the future of archery

what is it?

It is a system that identifies the very exact point of the arrow in the target. It calculates the value of the score from these identified coordinates and after assessing the result it displays it on a screen (Computer screen, projector, etc). It enables the archer to see the score immediately after the shooting,even creates statistics and diagrams about the results. Shoots and identifies the competitor’s current position after each and every shoot.


shoting range version is available

Available from October. 2016 Recommended for Olimpic Bows.Both for practice and competions because of it’s display features. Parameters: -Maximum target size:133 cm -1 second reading time -Punctuality:0,2 mm -Both Outdoor and Indoor version -Maximum distance between the target and the reading machine: 800 m -Charge: 220V or 24V(Battery) Extras for training: -Comparable results -Several archers …


Let us introduce you the new Archery Scoring System. The basic method of this system is that it doesn’t work with built-in sensors, it defines the arrow’s position by optical solutions instead. Therefore it is a new and unique way of scoring. You can see all the shoots displayed on the screen of your computer or android phone. With this machine we offer you a solution for home practice and target scoring by investing only once and using for a long time with low maintenance costs. We have just finished the competition version but a home version and a shooting-range version is also under construction.

Why is it good?

– You can follow the values of the shoots and the participants’ actual place one after another appearing on a screen during a competition.
– You can easily make all kinds of shooting statistics and analysis.
– You can check your arrows and define the faulty ones.
– Can be used for any kind of round targets regardless of its type ,standardized or not.
– As the sensors are not built –in you do not need to change the whole sensor system, just the polifoam after a certain amount of shoots, as you usually would do anyway.